Kiyo Matsuyama ("Kiki") is a Bunrui Jigyōbu specialist and, to society in general, a wealthy socialite.

She is 30 standard years old, something of a loner and has relatively few friends. With one exception, despite having an excellent working relationship with those in her team, she rarely socialises with work colleagues. Her closest friend is ten-year-old Jira who lives with her and was her partner during her days as an assassin. Jira, her companion and constant protector, is a genetically modified animal derived from Panthera onca stock.

A twenty-nine-year-old Marine Officer who prefers to be called Kurt rather than his first birth name, Eric. He is a specialist working for the Special Naval Intelligence Service based at Port McKinley but he currently calls Enlightenment, New Liberty (New Liberty) his home. He comes from a family that holds its Swedish ancestry proudly. McKinley's new Port Admiral believes Bergstrom has served superbly during the continuing Abyssal Void War and understand that he has no plans to leave the military at present. Despite the danger, Bergstrom enjoys his work, finding it challenging but rewarding.

He is the oldest of three siblings and, for most of his training, acted as senior officer of his Class of '93 Marine Trainees based at McKinley. Bergstrom's best friend and fellow trainee officer is Ariel Weinberg.

His father is a prominent surgeon on Faculty in the Research system and his mother, Katherine, was a nuclear physicist and UCS AI research officer based on New Liberty in the Sanctuary system. Bergstrom has two younger sisters, fourteen-year-old Rayala and sixteen-year-old Ritha, both born only shortly before he left for the Karma Military Academy on New Liberty.

Captain Ariel Weinberg is a twenty-five-year-old specialist with the Special Naval Intelligence Services where she serves as Kurt Bergstrom's Executive Officer. She is of mixed race and was born 20th August 2768 in Roosevelt on Fulcrum (Lucille) but now lives in Evolution on Enterprise.

She has had no career outside of the military and has never had a criminal record or received any civic awards, in her opinion, nothing much of any import has ever really happened to her. However, in psychological terms, she is fairly open to experience being imaginative, artistic, adventurous and describes herself as a "liberal hawk".

The late Yori Matsuyama was an engineer and one of Hiroshi's most famous entrepreneurs, having built the City of Yori, the first floating city in the extent.

Matsuyama started his career working for Hiroshi Liner Outfitters where he was tasked with the disposal of an oversized liner hull, two kilometres long and one wide. Ignoring his colleagues' ridicule, he proposed the revolutionary idea of using it to create a floating community.

He had excellent health until his death in 2781 which has caused a number of questions to be raised about his death even if specific evidence has been uncovered that would point to a death from a non-natural cause.

The late Kiya Utsubo-Matsuyama was one of Hiroshi's most famous entrepreneurs, having helped build the City of Yori, the first floating city in the extent. She started Utsubo-Akio Inc. with her friend, Leia Akio. They were extremely successful rising up the Edo Financial Index to become one of Akatsu's top ten companies but the stress became too much for Akio and she sold her share of the company to Utsubo in 2749. Utsubo relaunched the company as Utsubo Systems Inc.

She had excellent health until Her death in 2788 which, especially in light of similarities to her ex-husband's death, has raised many questions to be raised.

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