Captain Ariel Weinberg is a twenty-five-year-old specialist with the Special Naval Intelligence Services where she serves as Kurt Bergstrom's Executive Officer. She is of mixed race and was born 20th August 2768 in Roosevelt on Fulcrum (Lucille) but now lives in Evolution on Enterprise.

Weinberg is olive skinned and her natural hair colour is brown but, like many female marines, chooses to have no body hair outside of eyebrows. Her face is oval, her eyes are brown and she has a small nose with medium, full lips. Her health is excellent and, at one hundred and sixty-three centimetres and weighing sixty-two kilos, she describes herself as "Willowy" but her health report describes her build as slim/athletic.

Ariel Weinberg Her dress style is smart when in uniform but casually scruffy and tomboyish at home. She is well-spoken with relatively little accent and, regarded by some as street smart and precise, she can be considered by others as somewhat passive aggressive. Her demeanour tends to be outspoken and impulsive but she still manages to appear simultaneously calm and keyed-up.

Both of her parents are alive and she usually describes them as "new-age dreamers, wishy-washy liberals". Saffron and Xander, her mother and father respectively, welcomed her being a lesbian whilst her brother, Nisse, just thought it quaintly interesting.

She is not greatly interested in her other relatives but has met two of them. Her Great Aunt Miranda is extremely wealthy and spends her money mainly on her dogs... her little darlings. She considers her Uncle Patric on her father's side something of a sponger, "borrowing" things from her parents and rarely returning them, often getting drunk and ending up sleeping on the lounge floor.

She has few friends except those in the marines, her closest being Kurt Bergstrom. Her most embarrassing moment with him was when he asked her out and she had to tell him he wasn't her type because he was a man, he was a bit surprised but got over it... they went to their favourite bar and got blind drunk. She has had occasional lovers (all female) but hasn’t been able to make a relationship last and she suspects that is because she finds it difficult to express her emotions with them. She relies on Kurt at times like this for emotional support and practical advice.

Ariel's childhood was not particularly happy as she found herself largely isolated at school because of her tomboyish behaviour and lack of interest in men. Despite that she tended to do fairly well academically but never really excelled. She went to college and there realised that she was attracted to women. When she told her parents, she found them far too enthusiastic... she realised her ties to home weren't strong and, after a period of research and reflection, left home to join the military.

She has had no career outside of the military and has never had a criminal record or received any civic awards, in her opinion, nothing much of any import has ever really happened to her. However, in psychological terms, she is fairly open to experience being imaginative, artistic, adventurous and describes herself as a "liberal hawk". She actively works to gain, keep and protect her friends something that seems (to her) strangely at odds with her reckless attitudes towards her occasional lovers.

She loves to eat and drink with friends (especially Bergstrom), enjoys his odd tastes in music and film. Although not a particular fan of sport she keeps herself fit using whatever ship or base facilities are available. Her favourite colour is green, her favourite hangout a good bar that serves basic food and her only important possession is a two-foot teddy bear she calls "Bear".
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