A long time ago and far, far away ... OK, it wasn't, I was still in this house but it was very different. There was a time when there was no internet, I mean yeah, sure it still existed but it wasn't accessible in the way it was now. When you went online you connected to a BBS, a bulletin board service, which wasn't the internet we all know and love... more than that you connected via a modem, that is to say a device that dialled up to the BBS in question and got you onto the service. Those modems were slow but the service wasn't because you had a relatively simple text-based interface that got you where you wanted to go. Job done. I had joined a BBS called CompuServe and, since I was into gaming at the time, where I wanted to go was a forum called "Modem Games". That was where I got into a game called VGA Planets ... sounds inspiring doesn't it? No, maybe you had to be there.

VGA Planets was a multiplayer, play by email, space strategy game. There were up to eleven players per game and playing it has been liked to playing Chess but with lots more players. They're wrong of course, it was vastly different from Chess, in some ways more complex, in others vastly simpler but they key point was it was fun. Games were based on an engine that sent out player files, allowed them to play and then send back instructions ... a week or whatever later you got your next file. Games could easily last more than a year and there was a lot of time in between turns. Some of us were into role play and that meant that when we played The Borg we became like them, sending out messages (both in game and out) that sounded... well... Borgish. If you were the Cylons you were Cylonish and that got me to the point of writing stories set in the universe of the game.

The following story then is based around two of the races in the game, the Colonials (yes, Battlestar Galactica) and the Gorn (as in that lizard creature Kirk fought on some planet in the original Star Trek). Bear in mind when reading this, it's very early in my writing and also very much based on stuff I had read... anyone who's read a bit of Doc Smith will see heavy leanings towards his writing. Just enjoy it as an "I know how sad your writing used to be" kind of way :)

Another story that arose out of the VGA Planets combined with my interest in the Terminator franchise... a humorous piece switching the roles of human and robot and combining it with various mythical tales. Enjoy :)

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Stars, Hide Your Fires (The Abyssal Void War, Book 1)
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 The Fall & Rise Of The Colonial Empire

Recall Notice (1999)

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